Maxxis Auto Assist Insurance Program

The end-Customer must buy at least 2pcs of the participating SKU to get a FREE Maxxis Tires Auto Assist Insurance Coverage for 1 year and avail the extended tire warranty of 5+2 years. SKUs to be purchased shall all be similar and shall all be installed in one vehicle only.

One invoice minimum of at least 2 tires installed in a single vehicle. End customer can avail one FREE Maxxis Tires Auto Assist Insurance Coverage for 1 year and avail the extended tire warranty of 5+2 years. Portal registration shall be done on a per invoice basis.

The end-customers may get multiple insurance policies in the event he installs at least 2 pieces of Maxxis tires in multiple vehicles if he satisfies the criteria of having 2 pieces of Maxxis tires installed in every single vehicle. However, clients who will install 4 pieces of Maxxis tires in a single vehicle shall only get 1 policy.

1 Maxxis Tire Car Assist Insurance Policy for 2pcs-4pcs of participating Maxxis tires installed in 1 vehicle only. 1 policy per vehicle only. The end-customers must complete the registration form in the program portal with correct data to receive an e-mail confirmation from Kwik.Insure regarding the activation of Maxxis Tire Auto Assist Insurance. shall send the policy activation link based on the e-mail address provided by the end-user.

Receipts uploaded on the portal shall be legibly written and must state the following, failure to do so will disqualify the customer in availing their FREE Maxxis Tires Auto Assist Insurance Coverage:

  • Date of purchase
  • Dealer Name / Dealer Address
  • Complete name / Contact number of the End user
  • Complete name of the registered tireman who assisted the purchase of the customer
  • Detailed description of the purchased tires including the quantity, SKU, DOT series and serial number
  • Vehicle model and year of the car serviced
  • Plate Number of the vehicle
  • Customers who shall sign up for the FREE insurance promo shall also be automatically covered under the Tire Warranty Program.

End-Customer will receive an e-mail from within 7 working days from the date of registration to activate their coverage. The customer has the responsibility to activate his policy to enjoy the benefits of his/her FREE insurance coverage.